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New and unique technology measuring more than simply a score

A simple score provides very limited feedback on an individual's certainty of knowledge; it will not tell you why an individual scored in the way they did, or their level of certainty when answering a question. Our new online assessment software, Compertum is different.

Designed to meet the needs of compliance driven industries, Compertum's sophisticated algorithms track and measure answering behaviour. It identifies how 'certain' an individual is of their answers. The robust analytics locate an individual in one of four quadrants that expresses their degree of both knowledge and certainty by question.

Compertum will help you define the next steps of learning development. This allows you to explore different learning pathways for different individuals, rather than deploying an 'one size' fits all approach, which can be costly and ineffective.

Do you want to better assess the quality and effectiveness of training and ensure competency levels are improving?

"Don't let your learning lead to knowledge.
Let your learning lead to action"

Jim Rohn

Compertum uses

The Compertum advantage

Compertum in your business

Compertum uses

  • Employee competency tests.
  • Compliance.
  • Record keeping and audit trails.
  • Assessment of third party suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Product and sales training.
  • Board evaluation.
  • Professional certification and assessment.
  • Conduct, culture and customer service.
  • Recruitment and on-boarding.

The Compertum advantage

Giving you results that deliver more than other online assessment software:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of knowledge certainty, establishing performance improvement needs.
  • Helping you create training and assessment schedules to maximise return on investment.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of your questions, tests and trainers.
  • Compare and contrast test results using criteria that is important to you through advanced labelling (e.g. by location, division, team, department, job role or other factors).
  • Evidence compliance through version controlled authoring and assessment to support certification and auditing.

Compertum in your business

Compertum can:

  • Improve training effectiveness and identify training needs.
  • Measure certainty of knowledge by topic, and assess employee competency with the use of scenario-based questions.
  • Track, trace and evidence compliance ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, question-by-question and topic-by-topic.
  • Easily identify who requires training and refine training plans appropriately saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Quickly understand who needs to relearn and those who may need to unlearn.
  • Ensure your training is resonating with staff to deliver greater return on investment.
  • Accelerate and enhance your recruitment and on-boarding process.
  • Validate questions, assessments and trainers to ensure optimal assessment and training programmes.
  • Accelerate and enhance your recruitment and on-boarding process.
  • Understand your workforce knowledge to deliver improved customer experiences and repeat business.
  • Target training where it matters, improving individual performance and reducing time wasted.

Do you need to justify L&D budgets, campaign for training funds or achieve more with less spend?

Compertum can help you ensure effective use of learning & development spend, whilst validating tests, evaluating training sources and providing quantitative evidence of understanding, competence and improvement over time.

Early identification of people risk is easy when using Compertum. Increase training effectiveness by being able to spot knowledge gaps and risk areas quickly and easily. Improve knowledge retention and human performance using reporting insights that allows you to define and refine training plans.

Are you looking to improve competency levels and assess the quality and effectiveness of training?

Being able to identify whether an individual needs to unlearn or relearn enables you to put in place the right learning pathways to support them in improving their competence. Using Compertum's detailed reports and analysis by questions, topic and subject you will be able to create tailored training plans focused on the needs of individuals.

Using the advanced tagging system you can evaluate the effectiveness of questions, test templates, training resources and trainers enabling you to increase the quality and efficacy of training and L&D programmes.

Do you have the MI you need to know where to mitigate your risk?

Our innovative approach to capturing test information ensures that you can access the management information (MI) that is important to you and your organisation.

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation with a single, distributed or fragmented workforce, Compertum can deploy online tests and collate all the data with our additional testing insights in one central system for analysis.

Can you easily evidence competence for compliance purposes or the regulator?

Using Compertum you can easily identify who has been assessed in which areas, when and what their results were. This is supported by robust, version controlled, auditable record keeping.

Individual responses, questions and tests can be tracked, traced and audited.

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