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Assessment software that supports the dissemination of knowledge across a multi-faceted organisation

In a multi-faceted organisation that relies on supply chains and franchises it can be difficult to ensure that all stakeholders are working to the same goals. To ensure a consistent brand message and culture from factory to showroom requires a tool to provide stable assessment and reviewing.

  • Are you looking for an effective way to assess competence across a national business?
  • Do you need to disseminate knowledge company-wide quickly for a new product launch?
  • How do you ensure that your entire workforce including supply chains believe in your company culture?

Compertum can help disseminate knowledge, and support a consistent company culture and brand message across all production, branches and franchises.

Ensure shared knowledge across an entire company

Review product knowledge or readiness for launch

Check that a franchised business follows the parent culture

Ensure shared knowledge across an entire company

Whether on the factory floor or front-of-house in a showroom, your company culture should be understood by your entire workforce and supply chain. A workforce that believes in the company they work for is a productive workforce.

Compertum helps review your workforce and supply chains understanding of your culture quickly and effectively as assessments can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year.

Review product knowledge or readiness for launch

Compertum can assess the readiness of the workforce for a new product launch, giving you the ability to ensure that the whole team is certain in their knowledge and ability before go-live.

With high value sales items such as cars, product knowledge is key to the sales role; Compertum will provide insight on knowledge gaps ready for rectification and will support the dissemination of a consistent message across multiple locations.

Check that a franchised business follows the parent culture

With franchised outlets and showrooms across the UK for many companies, keeping a consistent representation of the parent brand can prove difficult. Compertum can provide reassurance that all locations understand and follow the culture, with the advantage of being readily accessible at all sites.

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