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Assessment software that provides the insight required to improve training effectiveness and the evidence required to remain compliant.

The Aviation industry is characterised by ever changing regulations, fragmented workforces and the need to reduce overheads. The requirement to achieve quality and safety standards, maintain skill levels and remain compliant within these constraints is extremely hard to sustain.

Confidence in your workforce's knowledge and competence is key in ensuring compliance to industry regulations and reducing people risk. But how can you track this cost effectively?

Compertum allows you to monitor levels of knowledge certainty, identify knowledge gaps or misunderstanding.

  • Are you looking for an effective way to measure training effectiveness on a global scale?
  • Do you know if your workforce are up to date with the latest regulatory changes?
  • Are your workforce secure in their knowledge, ensuring safety in job performance?
  • Would you be interested in the benefits of eLearning to close knowledge gaps?

Compertum can help provide a holistic view of training requirements and effectiveness in a 24/7/365 global aviation organisation.

With the ever-present strict regulations surrounding aviation, Compertum provides a solution that gives you a greater insight into the knowledge strengths and limitations of your workforce.

Knowledge consistency

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Training that resonates

Manage supervision

Maintain consistent knowledge across a global workforce

Compertum can deploy assessments worldwide allowing your workforce to undertake tests at a time and place convenient to them through an easy to access login facility.

Using our advanced tagging system you can easily access management information to review results by location, job role, team, trainer and training resource. This enables you to capture a complete picture of knowledge and competency across your organisation allowing you to identify training needs, focus training and supervision where relevant.

Easily identify workforce strengths and weaknesses

Compertum identifies learning strengths and weaknesses amongst your team, by question, subject or topic, highlighting where improvements would be beneficial.

This provides valuable guidance, allowing you to quickly assess risk and tailor plans to ensure training is targeted, reducing time wasted on unnecessary training.

Compertum helps to identify where progression opportunities or mentoring capability may be present in existing personnel.

Ensure recurrent training is resonating

Compertum makes it easy to see an individual’s progress over time, allowing you to track the effectiveness of recurrent training as required by the Aviation industry.

The results will help you quickly and effectively give clear guidance on where an individual needs to refresh and reinforce their knowledge. This will help improve performance including ensuring confidence in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for safe fulfilment of daily tasks.

Optimise supervisory requirements

Establishing appropriate and cost effective personnel supervision can be a challenge. Equally knowing when you can confidently reduce supervision can avoid unnecessary time and effort. Compertum will help to identify competence levels of your workforce, providing invaluable insight to support decision making around staffing supervision.

Question Banks

Whether you have your own existing bank of questions, or you would like to work with us to produce questions, we can support you however you would like to work.

We work with question writing subject matter experts within the Aviation industry that can support you in the production of questions that will give you the most meaningful results to support your training objectives.


We are experts in content development for Aviation and Aerospace, building visually appealing and media rich content that engages audiences such as Pilots, Cabin Crew and Technicians. We do this though developing a full training needs analysis, storyboard and implement the course enriched with images, illustrations, animation, video, 3D modelling, interaction and gamification.

eLearning courses can be delivered for use in your existing LMS or via our own advanced learning portal which can be branded and tailored to your needs and fits seamlessly as part of the Compertum solution.

Bespoke eLearning

Our in-house team of content creators work with you to establish how bespoke eLearning can fill training gaps such as role, culture, aircraft, or equipment procedure specific learning objectives. We can either work with your SMEs or involve our own experts offering guidance and direction to create the most impactful and relevant content.

We follow procedures and robust, effective processes so that content is completed in time, on budget and with no disruption to the day-to-day running of your organisation.

To find out more about how we have worked closely with a multi-national operator of business jets click here to read our case study with TAG Aviation.

Aviation courseware

  • Upset, Prevention and Recovery Training, (UPRT)
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness (DGA)
  • Summer and Winter Operations (SWOPS)
  • Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS)
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • NAT HLA (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification)
  • PBN and GNSS Operations

All our content is delivered with a focus on interactivity to maintain the best possible learning environment for a student. To purchase any of the courses above please contact us.

Product features

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