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Assessment software that evidences competence, improves training performance and reduces risk

SM&CR sets a new agenda in Financial Services compliance. It gives regulators powers of inspection and punitive enforcement. With the burden of proof now firmly on individual senior managers as well as companies, a more robust system of online assessment and evidence is required.

  • How are you planning to assess people affected by the certification regime as competent?
  • Do you have the correct systems and controls in place to identify competency issues and support reasonable next steps to improve customer outcomes?
  • Can you easily evidence your competency records to the FCA?

Record keeping, assessing and evidencing competence is now a whole lot easier. Let Compertum support you with your SM&CR requirements.

Track answering behaviour and 'knowledge certainty'

Provide evidence of competence for compliance and risk management

Improve training efficiency, ROI and individual performance

Track answering behaviour and 'knowledge certainty'

Most Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) assessment systems measure knowledge based on finite pass/fail scores. This is only a baseline assessment and can leave elements of an individual’s knowledge certainty open to interpretation.

Compertum is different; through its sophisticated algorithms, you will be given greater insight into an individual's level of knowledge and understanding through being able to gauge knowledge certainty.

Compertum will highlight an individual’s competence in specific areas. This can be measured and evidenced for compliance purposes, and training interventions can be put in place to improve performance.

Provide evidence of competence for compliance and risk management

To comply with the new SM&CR regulations and to manage corporate and personal risk, evidence of training and competence is required for senior managers and those at certification levels.

Compertum's advanced analytics and reports will allow you to assess and prove an individual's level of competence while demonstrating the efficacy of training and how interventions have improved performance over time.

Data can be further analysed at role, team, group, location or company-wide level allowing you to provide robust evidence of competence and training interventions, making a clear statement of commitment to compliance.

Improve training efficiency, ROI and individual performance

Training can often be seen as costly and a drain on productivity due to time away from the office. Compertum helps manage these issues by optimising training efficiency and ROI.

Compertum's reporting will give you the ability to identify precise training requirements enabling you to be more targeted in your approach to training efforts. This will ensure you are compliant and improving performance whilst being more cost effective.

There is a clear link between poor culture and poor conduct and industry must continue its work to achieve and embed its own cultural change.

John Griffith-Jones, FCA Chairman

Place competency at the heart of your culture with the support of Compertum.

Competence is knowledge: measure and assess competence based on 'knowledge certainty' with Compertum.

Provide evidence of regulatory compliance through the ability to track, trace and audit individual responses with Compertum.

Save time and money by quickly identifying who requires what training and refine training plans appropriately with Compertum.

Understand whom needs to relearn and those who may need to unlearn.

Validate questions, assessments and trainers to ensure optimal assessment and training programmes with Compertum.

Compertum will help you understand your workforce knowledge and capabilities to deliver improved customer experiences and drive cultural change.

With the confidence of robust auditing, traceability and system security and the ability to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with global deployment capability, make Compertum your new assessment software of choice.

Question Banks

Senior managers core questions

Compertum comes with a bank of Senior Managers Core Competency questions and tests that not only measures the application of knowledge with in six core competencies but also the 'knowledge certainty' within these areas. Subject areas covered include:

  • Market Knowledge
  • Business Strategy and Model
  • Risk Management and Control
  • Financial Analysis and Control
  • Governance, Oversight and Controls
  • Regulatory Framework and Requirements

Your existing question banks

If you already have questions, for example on technical topics such as AML, Complaint Handling, TCF, product knowledge or suppliers, we can quickly and easily, upload your questions into Compertum.

Bespoke tailored questions

We work in partnership with expert Financial Services training partners, to provide question-writing services to produce bespoke question banks based on your requirements.

Please speak to us about additional and bespoke question banks or click here for more information.

Product features

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