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Assessment software that gives more than just 'right' or 'wrong' answering responses.

Compertum is an innovation in assessment, giving greater insight into the knowledge base and competence of a workforce.

Through Compertum's sophisticated algorithms and intuitive user interface, you can quickly and easily measure, track and evidence an individual’s knowledge and their level of certainty within that knowledge. This provides the ability to assess competence more efficiently and more accurately, defining the next steps of learning development and explore different learning pathways for different individuals, rather than deploying a one-size fits all approach.

Having Compertum in your toolkit will give you a better methodology to deliver assessments.

By integrating Compertum with your existing assessment options, it can set you ahead of those not benefiting from the greater insight provided. By enabling you to have this knowledge of the answering behaviours and competence of the user, you can provide a more nuanced response to the assessment outcome.

The Compertum approach helps to provide a clearer focus for your assessments. Whatever the scale of your challenge, from recruiting one senior leader through to an entire organisational culture change, you can achieve your ambitions in partnership with Compertum.

Once the assessment has been completed the results are plotted in the competence/confidence grid, enabling you to identify the specific requirements of the population being assessed.

Evaluating ROI - the benefit of using Compertum

Evaluating Return on Investment in soft skills areas is always difficult. In our experience, by determining the measures for success before undertaking the assessment, it is possible to address this issue.

The measure of success, however, is not how many people attain a certain level in the assessment of competence. Instead, it could be items such as the number of people completing the assessment within a specific timeframe; percentage improvement in assessed levels after a training intervention; or self-assessed improvement in confidence in undertaking a specific task. The measures should be appropriate to the purpose of the assessment.

Using Compertum will show the competence and confidence of knowledge in the population, whether on an individual or a group level, which supports the measurement of other indicators.

Evolution +/or Revolution

Compertum provides a new technology solution to help meet the developing online expectations of assessments. Delivering advanced and intelligent methodology for asking questions, as well as more than just a right or wrong answering response

DOP Annual Conference

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the DOP Annual Conference in January, alongside Psyence, a division of the leadership training specialist Dove Nest Group. We would welcome a conversation around how we can help you define the next steps of learning development, or how Psyence’s consultancy, products and training can support you. Come and speak to us at the event, or contact us.

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