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Improving individual performance through competence assessment

An easy to use platform that enables you to assess and evidence competence with advanced reporting and customised MI.

Through the measurement of individual behaviour when answering questions, Compertum will help you identify certainty of knowledge and more effectively support staff learning and development to mitigate people risk within your business.

Unlimited questions and test templates

  • Easily import existing questions and banks.
  • Create multiple choice, essay, reorder, Likert and short answer questions to generate unlimited question banks with references and labels.
  • Create questions using multimedia such as JPEGs and videos.
  • Set question difficulty ratings for each question.
  • Create automated templates using secure authoring for multiple exams and assessments.
  • Author test papers in multiple languages.
Unlimited questions and test templates

Secure and robust online assessment any time, any place

  • Author and deliver online to any device, any place at any time.
  • Deliver content securely via locked down browsers using a security wrapper and provide secure user permissions to track and trace all users.

User-friendly candidate interface

  • Access your assessments via an easy to use login facility on a PC or tablet device.
  • Better understand your results with our enhanced analysis to support tailored development plans.
User friendly candidate inteface

Automate marking, feedback and analysis

  • Capture human behaviour to provide deeper insight, help evaluate results and provide feedback that is more effective.
  • Instantly generate and administer results with automated marking and feedback.
Automate marking, feedback and analysis

Powerful Reporting

  • Advanced metrics provide insight into the effectiveness of your training through deeper analysis of employee behaviour during testing.
  • Understand your true return on your investment in training, recruitment and communication through our unique reporting.
  • Analyse candidates' results and historical performance to show progress to date.
  • Identify gaps in understanding across your current and potential workforce.
  • Measure the success of your performance development plans against your training and recruitment costs.
  • Track the effectiveness of questions and exams in statistical or graphical format.
  • Evidence compliance with a complete audit trail and robust system traceability that includes questions, test templates, tests, exam deployments and results.
  • Advanced labelling enables you to compare and contrast results by location, trainers, learning material, teams, departments or any other criteria that is important to you.
  • Should you need to you can export raw test data to Excel.
  • Optimise training and assessment schedules through insightful planning analysis.
Powerful reporting


  • Easy and comprehensive management functions.
  • Add users, create groups and deploy tests simply and easily.
  • Record keeping and full audit trail for tests, questions banks and templates.
  • Document the impact of training and development efforts over an employee's lifetime.

Certificate creator

Create and print certificates with exam and candidate details, logos, signatures, tests and background images. Perfect for keeping a record of CPD or to provide evidence for audit purposes.

Cloud based software

Write questions, author exams, deploy tests, access results anytime, anywhere. Deploy online exams concurrently worldwide triggers via invigilator permissions or automatically using time stamps Supports PC and tablets. Alternative server base installation is available.

Seamlessly integrating with most LMS

Compertum has been built to support common interfacing such as LTI, Moodle and custom API's making its introduction to existing training processes simple. We will work with you during the implementation to make this phase as smoothly as possible with the least amount of disruption to your organisation.

To start a chat for more information or to request a demo contact us.

Question Banks

Compertum works in the best way for you.

The system can be used to deal with many different issues determined entirely by the subject matter and the nature of your questions. You can generate your own questions, or through our training partners, we can provide questions and advice.

If you have your own question bank or database, we will work with you to upload it in a quick and easy process. We can also advise and guide you on how to write questions to optimise the reports and data they will generate. Should you wish, we can review your questions to ensure you will get the most meaningful results possible from your assessments.

If you have a third party that you use for question creation we will work with them to support crafting the questions most suitable for Compertum to deliver meaningful insights into employee knowledge and competency.

We have specialist training and question writing partners that we work with within Aviation, Aerospace and Financial Services.

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