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Assessment software that puts compliance and risk management at the heart of its reporting

With compliance and risk management priorities across the business world, a tool to give early warnings of people risk is invaluable.

  • Do you want a cost effective way to analyse people risk and competence?
  • Are you looking for a unique tool to add value to your compliance review?
  • Do you want substantiated data to underpin decisions and recommendations?

Compertum can help provide early
warnings of people risk,
giving more substantiated
information to underpin decisions.

Provide a value-adding unique tool to your compliance review kit

Identify people risk earlier and smarter

Provide a value-adding unique tool to your compliance review kit

Enhancing existing compliance review tools, Compertum is ideal for providing a quick and efficient oversight for a time-restrained initial meeting. Identifying areas where competence and knowledge is lacking, Compertum provides you with more substantiated data to back up decisions and recommendations.

Compertum is a cost effective analytical tool, with the ability to have questions tailored specifically for any purpose. As an online platform Compertum has the advantage of being accessible globally, with no restrictions.

Identify people risk earlier and smarter

Compertum can be an early warning indicator of where an individual’s knowledge and competence is lacking. Confidence or familiarity with a product or brand is highlighted, providing the early opportunity to address any shortfalls before they risk becoming damaging.

Compertum helps to identify those areas that could potentially expose the client, and gives the insight to fix any holes in knowledge before any adverse effects.

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