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Compertum and TAG Aviation, a case study.

The Client

TAG Aviation are multi-national operators of business jets in the VIP market, with an aviation pedigree of 50 years. With multiple centres across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, TAG Aviation offer Aircraft Management Services and Charter Services, as well as taking responsibility for their own Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

The Need

There is an industry-wide requirement to bring together the wide range of topics that an aviation workforce needs training in, on a platform that is globally accessible and works across a range of devices. TAG Aviation were looking for a solution incorporating both pilots and cabin crew that would work within their global workforce and stand up to regulatory audit.

When Resource Group’s Business Systems and Solutions first started to explore how we could help TAG Aviation, they were looking to create a partnership with a company; someone who would work alongside them to develop a suite of courses that combined standard industry subject matter and their own, specific internal operating policies and procedures. It was clear that they needed something fully bespoke to them, with the ability to be totally company specific for example with the inclusion of cultural expectations and client account management training, something that TAG Aviation pride themselves on.

The Situation

Prior to commencing their partnership with Resource Group, TAG Aviation used external providers for their eLearning, but this was a disjointed offering across the company, with different providers and solutions in different locations. With a requirement for a technological offering combining eLearning with the latest technology, TAG had realised that they needed a partner with the ability and flexibility to provide the bespoke service that they needed. They were looking for something that worked within their existing processes and administration responsibilities, working alongside their geographically localised administration teams.

“Resource Group pride themselves on their flexibility, and are able to provide very bespoke solutions to cater for an individual operator’s specific requirements.”

Andy Kilvington – Head of Training TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd

The Solution

Working together with TAG Aviation, we formed an initial solution for them through our eLearning expertise. This system allows the learner to access the training materials on an ongoing basis, with the additional feature that they could take assessments on a tightly controlled resit loop. This learning portal hosts our SCORM compatible learning content.

The Evolution

This original solution used an industry standard approach to eLearning assessments, but as time went on TAG Aviation requested more visibility and auditability on the results. They wanted to take the opportunity to greater address their requirements for feedback to students, identification of question performance, or the ability to demonstrate precisely what happened in assessments to regulators.

To fulfil this request from TAG Aviation, we introduced our Compertum software and interfaced this with their eLearning solution. This additional provision gives the client full visibility of where students answered questions and provides data on a subject-by-subject level to identify where there may still be training needs or concerns. TAG Aviation are then able to address any potential risks, and put in place additional support as may be required.

“Bespoke modification requests or individual needs are dealt with immediately and efficiently, allowing rapid and continuous improvement in the platform at all times.”

Andy Kilvington – Head of Training TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd

The Benefits

This fully interfaced solution allows TAG Aviation to deploy the same learning and assessment standards to their entire workforce. TAG Aviation pilots and crew all over the world are able to access the same solutions, on a range of devices and varying quality of internet connection, and it ensures that all critical assessments are robust and centrally controlled. It also gives their central administrative team the oversight of what is being undertaken, in-depth performance analysis and identification of training gaps.

Thanks to our bespoke solution, TAG Aviation have managed to move far more of their regulatory and company policy type training into their eLearning provisions which greatly reduces the ‘at base’ training required by their flight deck and cabin crew teams. With the assistance of our Compertum software they have also identified opportunities to improve the training material, through the greater insight provided into question performance.

Internal staffing solutions have also been improved thanks to the greater insight that Compertum provides, without the requirement that this is undertaken as a separate activity. The data provides support to TAG Aviation into which team members are exhibiting the right characteristics to move into a higher role, for example one with a greater level of customer-facing responsibility.

The Conclusion

We see the challenges faced by TAG Aviation replicated across the aviation industry as a whole, with increasing pressure to limit the time required on ‘at base’ training for staff. Understanding the time pressures and regulatory requirements of this industry has enabled us to have a strong collaborative relationship with TAG Aviation, producing our bespoke solution to meet their specific needs.

As more training is done electronically in all areas of aviation, the requirement to prove to regulatory bodies that competency is being achieved to the exacting standards of such a safety-critical environment also rises. Along with the eLearning solutions above, the interface with Compertum gives the granularity of data to demonstrate learning competence both internally within the organisation and to external regulatory bodies.

“This has been an incredibly successful partnership and we look forward to continuing the relationship in the years to come.”

Captain Russ Allchorne, VP Flight Operations TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd

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